College Friends

There was a time we use to call ourselves FiveFox,
But we never found A pair of perfect Socks.

There was a time we use to roam on activas,
We all got bikes n Cars but still not the divas.

One of us got a chick,Rest all lost their Mind,
But at the end he was left a year Behind.

I don’t know what will happen after 5 long years,
But still we will miss chilled glass of  our bears.


Friends on Wheels

We don’t care, Mess with us if u dare !

When CBR flies high in the Sky,

200ns try to chase him n go ahead,

KTM is back Just to check they are safe ahead!

The moment our phone rings & its Dad We all go fast, We all go Mad!

We cannot forget the time we spent, That Marine Drive’s Stopiee, and Juhu wala Bent!

In future will be busy with our children and wife, I am sure we gonna miss our BiKELiFE!

Whatever happens I don’t think will Stop, In future also will say a children the spot were stands a COP.